Innovation events

Innovation events

The “Ennovation” innovation series of the Nutrition Cluster strengthens, together with companies, associations, universities and colleges, the Bavarian food industry. In branch specific and cross-branch events, the latest insights and research findings from science are prepared in a way which is relevant for practice for companies and, in this way, made available for use in an innovative way. 

Rückblick – Bierforum Bayern

Der Cluster Ernährung veranstaltete mit der Maisel's Brauerei eine eintägige Fachveranstaltung für Brauer. Dabei lag der Fokus auf der Geschmacksvielfalt und Rohstoffaromatik für die Kreation innovativer Biere. Damit die Praxis nicht zu kurz kam, gab es nachmittags mehrere Geschmacksschulungen parallel. Ziel der Schulungen war es, die einzelnen Komponenten des Bieraromas geschmacklich vorzustellen und den Einfluss der jeweiligen Rohstoffe auf das Gesamtaroma erlebbar zu machen.

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ENNOVATION promotes exchange amongst one another!

We hold seminars and workshops in which the participants are given in-depth insights into current developments in the sector and are encouraged to share experiences and ideas with each other. After all, the exchange for networking within the sector and interesting talks lead to innovative ideas and partnerships.


ENNOVATION passes on professional knowledge and expert opinion.

We offer you the opportunity to find out about modern and future orientated business management. We inform about important developments in the nutrition sector and highlight the practical realisation of these. Only those who are informed and who remain on the ball, will be able to assert themselves on the future market.


ENNOVATION promotes new talent in the food industry.

The development of an innovative idea to the product which is ready for the market launch is long and full of risks. In cooperation with the Nutrition Cluster, the Innovation Contest for Beverages and Foods (IGL) is held annually for students at Munich Technical University. After all, those who learn already early on how to conquer the market with new products will have good chances in the future.