Future Food
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Future Food


Innovation is the key to economic growth. The right idea, the right product and the right marketing strategy are required – this will make a food business more competitive. But successful implementation of innovation is often a complicated undertaking, especially for small and medium-sized enterprises. This is why the promotion of food innovations is very important to the Food Cluster. We offer future-oriented projects and events which open up new topic areas to participants.

Global Food Summit

The Food Cluster is co-organiser of the annual Global Food Summits. At the summit, forward-looking and topical subjects concerning the food industry are discussed. Stakeholders from the international food industry are provided with information about the opportunities created by innovation and artificial intelligence in closed production and waste cycles and are encouraged to exchange information. By hosting the event, Bavaria is generating significant stimuli with regard to future food supply, innovative technologies and production methods, from which the regional economy will benefit in the long term.

Development of food scenarios

In 2017, the Food Cluster and the Competence Center for Nutrition (KErn), in collaboration with experts from industry, science and management, came up with scenarios that describe the possible developments in the food industry until 2030. As a result of the coronavirus pandemic in 2020, the framework conditions for many players in the food industry changed massively. In order to future-proof food companies, the Food Cluster developed additional scenarios. These show what the food industry could look like post-pandemic.

There is also a plan for the development of disruption scenarios for the food industry. These take a look into the future of global, biotechnological changes in the food industry and position their impact in a regional context. With the help of this outlook, regional players, in particular stakeholders from the meat and dairy industry, will gain a greater awareness of the future structural change.

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Way to Future Food

In collaboration with the Adalbert-Raps Foundation, the Food Cluster is launching another event format – Way to Future Food. This is based on current trends and developments in the food industry, including alternative sources of protein and plant-based food (just plants, no animal products).